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To all our valued patients,

It’s a new day, so we have a new way!

In response to Covid-19, it’s time for us to take a new path. We have closed our doors, but we are still here for you!

We know pain and injury are not disappearing, so we want to continue helping our valued patients in any way possible by doing online consultations. Our expertise and knowledge have no boundaries. Let us chat, assess movements, listen to your history of signs and symptoms, understand what is bothering you and guide you forward in your rehab goals.

Book as normal for online consultations and our trusted therapists will use an online interface (facetime, skype) to give you the professional advice you need and deserve no matter where you are.

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Looking forward to helping you soon!Yours in continued health,

Brady, Kim, Charlotte, Melissa, and Luke

The Edge School Sport Therapy Clinic is a unique, energetic, multi disciplinary clinic in the heart of Edge School. Our knowledgeable professional team Consists of:

All of our staff have an in-depth understanding of sport injuries and what it takes to get back into activity and play.

Our mission is an education based practice with an innovative, passionate group of health care practitioners who are spearheading the culture of youth injury prevention, management, and rehabilitation. The focus of every appointment is educating the athletes on the why’s, how’s and what to do’s in every step of their healing process. We focus on proper assessment, decreasing movement deficiencies and provide them with the tools necessary to get them back into performance. We understand youth athletes!

Our online booking system makes appointment booking easy and accessible.

The clinic is located in the NW corner of the main lobby, on the way to the Edge School gymnasiums.